Home Ownership

Habitat affiliates are independent, locally run, nonprofit organizations.  Each affiliate coordinates all aspects of Habitat home building in its local area, including partner family selection. We can give you information on the availability, size, costs, “sweat equity” work requirements and application process for Habitat Leeward houses.

Qualifying for a House

Your application is evaluated by the Family Selection Committee through a process which includes:

1.    Attendance at an orientation meeting.
2.    Careful consideration of your application.
3.    Visits with you and your family to your current home.

Every affiliate chooses its homeowners based on the same 3 criteria:

Need – you and your family should have an obvious need for a Habitat house and your income level should be such that you will not qualify for conventional housing loan.

Ability to Pay

1.    Must have adequate & stable income to make regular monthly payments.
2.    Low debt level
3.    Verification of income, credit, financial & personal
4.    Ability to pay a down payment of $1000

Willingness to Partner with Habitat

1.    You, your family, and friends contribute a minimum of 500 sweat equity hours toward the building of your home and be willing to help other Habitat projects and homes.
2.    You must sign a legally binding contract with Habitat for Humanity Leeward O’ahu.
3.    You agree to make monthly mortgage payments on time.

Income Guidelines

Habitat families must have sufficient monthly income from a stable source to make monthly house payments.

As of March 2017, the suggested maximum allowable gross income (before deductions) to qualify as a Habitat family are as follows:

Family Size                           Yearly Gross Income $

1                                                  58,600
2                                                 67,000
3                                                 75,350
4                                                 83,700
5                                                 90,400
6                                                 97,100
7                                                 103,800
8                                                 110,500

*All applications will be evaluated individually and may allow families with special circumstances to qualify if their income is higher than the allowable amount.